Stephen Chance
Stephen Chance

Criminology BA

I’m studying Criminology and the reason I’ve chosen this subject is mainly that I want to prove to myself I’m able to. I want the qualification because my previous qualifications are very terrible from mistakes in my childhood. Yet this knowledge also allows me to help and understand others from a criminological perspective with a little insight into the law. The Foundation Year at Newman has been amazing. I was originally persuaded by my older sister to attend and she attended Foundation Year last year. I was not sure I would be allowed to study due to my qualifications, but I’m truly thankful to be studying here and moving onto my degree subject.

#BHM Black History Month

The original idea I wanted to explore was how crime, specifically hate crime has evolved through the use of technology. In light of Black History Month, this is even more urgent. From the perspective of discrimination, racism, and racial profiling, it may become easier to understand how social media in recent years can be used as a tool to help heighten awareness to ultimately hold individuals accountable for their actions which result in real-world consequences. this idea could be better understood in consideration of the murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. If I was to add anything to this piece of work it would be to expand on the conclusion to emphasize the power of social media. The internet has made connecting to others around the globe more accessible than ever before, which makes “calling out” or “speaking up” so effective and important in the influencing of societal changes.

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