Emma Folwell

Emma is Head of Introductory Programmes at Newman University. She studied Contemporary American History at the University of Leicester and The Queen’s College, Oxford, completing her PhD in 2014. Her research was supported by grants from the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library, the British Association for American Studies and the Royal Historical Society. She is the recipient of a Fulbright Award 2018/9. Her monograph The War on Poverty in Mississippi: from Massive Resistance to New Conservatism was published in 2020. You can contact Emma at e.folwell@newman.ac.uk.

James Brennan

James is Lecturer in Humanities at Newman University. When he’s not teaching, James is in the process of completing his doctoral research at Liverpool Hope University and Newman University. This focuses on provincial political cultures in inter-war Britain. More specifically, he scrutinizes the use of gendered political languages in the press and politics of the West Midlands from 1918-1929. Recently, James’ research appeared in Print, Politics and the Provincial Press in Modern Britain (Peter Lang, 2019). James also writes book reviews for both the Journal of Liberal History and the Journal of Midland History. You contact James at J.Brennan@newman.ac.uk.

Selina Patel Nascimento

Selina is Lecturer in Digital Humanities at Newman University. She studied Modern Languages (German and Portuguese) at the University of Nottingham, where she continued into postgraduate studies. She completed a PhD in Colonial Brazilian History at the University of Newcastle in 2016 (in preparation for publication), which was fully-funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, with additional grants from the Royal Historical Society and the Society for Latin American Studies that supported archival research in Brazil. Selina is currently translating into English and co-editing a published volume of letters from Gregorio Franchi to the infamous William Beckford. You can contact Selina at S.PatelNascimento@newman.ac.uk.

Students Committee

Linda Fernandes

I am a foundation year graduate at Newman University, Birmingham.  My main area of study for my undergraduate degree is Primary Education. After completing my undergraduate studies, I aim to get a master’s degree and a doctorate in education to enhance my topic knowledge. My ambition is to establish a school and mango farm in India. I believe that dreaming, planning, and doing are the only way forward. Besides reading and sketching, I enjoy gardening, farming, and watching travel and agricultural vlogs. Thanks to Newman University for this opportunity.

Michelle Hammersley

I am a Foundation Year graduate at Newman University and I moved on the Primary Education degree course in September 2021. The foundation year has helped me settle back into education after a 12-year gap and provided the opportunity to develop a variety of academic skills needed in my degree subject area.  Being a student representative for my tutor group this year has been a privilege and I hope to become a foundation year mentor next year.  My career goal is to become a primary school teacher.  I am particularly passionate about supporting children to develop a positive attitude to life-long learning.

Courtney-Joy Jeffers Edwards

I completed my Foundation Year in May 2021 and have now started the first year of my LLB Law degree. I have an inquisitive mind and feel it is important to ask difficult questions that affect our society because often ignorance can create fear, which then creates a new box that penalizes a large group of the community. Through my degree, I want to be a catalyst for change and have felt that my Foundation Year has given me a platform to explore and voice my opinion on the issues that matter to me.