FYI – Foundation Year Investigates

What is your name and what are you studying?

My name is Charlene Blissett and I am studying BA Applied Writing.

Why did you choose your course?

I originally chose to do Creative Writing,  as I am interested in copywriting ,yet the Applied writing course is a new programme and I was asked to join by Hannah Phillips. Applying skills in writing is more suited  for my goal of becoming a copywriter.

What’s been the highlight of your studies so far?

Well, I have two moments that I would like to highlight. First completing a digital project, I was really hesitant about the project. A lot of people, myself included, can be quite nervous about recording their voice and the feedback received from it being heard. The final completion of the project was something that I was extremely proud of, and I’m glad I took the time to research and read all of the information Moodle provided, as well as sourcing for myself. Secondly, another assignment for the foundation year which was about “Protest and Dissent” was a real highlight. I’m glad Hannah left this title broad enough for it to allow for my  creative juices to flow. I think I just about satisfied my desire within 2000 words to explain how fashion had and has been used as a way to protest throughout the years. Even more so, I feel, by having lecturers who are passionate about what they believe. Chris Langley, James Brennan and Hannah Philips totally give you that almost virtual reality style of learning where their passion for the subject they teach enables you to engage and succeed at Newman.

What do you think is unique to the Newman experience?

Each and every person that studies at Newman is unique in their own way to the Newman experience. Whether they are young students following on from college, mature students who are giving learning a second chance or maybe starting a new experience later on in life. Each person brings a new outlook on the subject they chose to study and with that new outlook the Newman experience is tailored to everyone personally to achieve their goals.

Knowing what you know now, what would you have told yourself at the start of your foundation year?

I came with no expectations, neither did I feel anything I learnt throughout the year was anything less than expected.

I started Newman as a mature student. Speaking with the head of the programme Dr Emma Folwell upon enquiring about the course, I was confident I was able to start the foundation year and complete it with no trouble . I know I am quietly confident and passionate about learning on a whole, so I did not feel I required a “pep talk “ with myself in regards to expecting anything from being a student at Newman. Everything in life happens for a reason,  with the fear of the unknown being there to provide a sense of excitement,  especially in a learning environment. Upon completing the foundation year and reflecting back on it, I am glad it went well. I learnt a vast amount of information within a short space of time. I did at first think this information could be translated to paper in a couple of days when I completed an essay entitled “Mr Fox”. After the horror of having to pull a “all nighter”. I realised things cannot be rushed. Take time to read everything, make notes on everything do; not miss out on anything. This was noted by myself from the beginning of the course and corrected throughout the year, by the end of the course I felt that I had successfully achieved what I had come to do and proceed onto the degree.

Where do you want to go next?

I intend on doing copywriting after I graduate from Newman, with my persuasive way of writing and captivating a audience I hope to have a broad range of clients ranging from working with web pages, advertising, sales pages, emails etc. The list is endless.

I love the options of being able to show my abilities to the world just by  connecting things using creativity and allowing people to see my creativity through a range of different scopes. Imagine creating a jingle for a well known food company and it becoming popular and you knowing your creativity enabled people to now sing along even subconsciously to something you created. Or a slogan that might one day be used in a protest form to change the minds of people. I want to be able to make people feel excited again about buying products, things seem so mundane and robotic nowadays the passion and thrill for things seem to be dying off.

I also would like to write a collection of short stories each detailing the wisdom, guidance and understanding of life through the eyes of three people who would never be disclosed.

This way, the book would not be distorted by characters and their images. In regards to having something shared from my time at Newman University, I would like for one of my essays to be cited. Yes, I would like to know something I have worked hard to achieve can be shared with others to help them achieve their goals.

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